Ultimate Gamer

What do you Learn?

Acquaintance Centro Overview

This advanced 6-month course offers a comprehensive education in game design and development, esports game publishing, marketing, and organizing. It combines technical skills with business knowledge to prepare students for careers in the gaming industry or entrepreneurship in the rapidly evolving field of esports.


Foundations of Game Design and Development

1.1. Introduction to Game Design

  • Understanding Game Mechanics
  • Game Design Documentation
  • Game Design Tools and Software

1.2. Game Development Basics

  • Game Engines (Unity, Unreal Engine)
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Introduction to 2D and 3D Graphics


Advanced Game Development

2.1.Game Physics and Simulation

  • Implementing Physics Engines
  • Realistic Movement and Interactions
  • Collision Detection and Response

2.2. Multiplayer Game Development

  • Networking in Games
  • Synchronization and Latency
  • Real-time Multiplayer Protocols


Game Design and Storytelling

3.1. Game Narratives and Storyboarding

  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Creating Compelling Characters
  • Dialogue and Narrative Design

3.2. Level Design and Game Balancing

  • Level Layout and Flow
  • Pacing and Difficulty Balancing
  • Playtesting and User Feedback


Esports Game Publishing and Marketing

4.1. Esports Ecosystem

  • Understanding Esports Organizations
  • Game Publishers and Esports
  • Esports Revenue Models

4.2. Esports Marketing Strategies

  • Branding and Sponsorships
  • Esports Content Creation
  • Community Engagement and Social Media


Esports Event Organizing

5.1. Esports Tournaments and Leagues

  • Tournament Formats
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Prize Pools and Funding

5.2. Esports Event Production

  • Live Streaming and Broadcasting
  • Commentating and Analysis
  • Event Management and Logistics


Capstone Projects and Advanced Topics

6.1. Capstone Game Development

  • Acquaintees work on game development projects
  • Mentoring and Guidance from Instructors

6.2. Esports Event Planning

  • Acquaintees organize and plan esports events
    Hands-on Experience in Event Management

6.3. Career Development in Gaming and Esports

  • Resume Building and Networking
  • Job Opportunities in the Industry
  • Entrepreneurship in Gaming

6.3. Final Project Presentations and Evaluation

  • Students present and evaluate their capstone projects and esports events
  • Feedback and Assessment

6.4. Course Conclusion and Future Directions

  • Review of Key Concepts
  • Emerging Trends in Game Development and Esports
  • Experience Certification
  • Placement Training and Interview grooming